S01 EP4 Energy Medicine and Immune Boosting Devices with Dr. Kristen Reynolds, MD

S01 EP4 When quantum physics meets ancient wisdom and modern medicine, clinical outcomes for doctors are stellar.

In this episode, I talk with triple-certified MD, Dr. Kristen Reynolds.

Dr. Reynolds is fellowship trained in integrative medicine through The Weil Center for Integrative Medicine (University of Arizona) and is dual-board certified in both family and integrative medicine. She was the first physician in Wisconsin to be triple-trained in family medicine, integrative medicine and functional medicine.

Kristen has twin daughters who have been struggling with Lyme disease complications, which brought her into focusing deeper on integrative, functional, and [un]common solutions for her kids – and ultimately, her patients.

To connect directly with Dr. Reynolds, find her at http://www.goldenreyenergy.com

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