S1 EP1 this is [un]common medicine

S1 EP01 Welcome to [un]common medicine, with special guest endorsement from podcast legend Pat Flynn

Welcome to [un]common medicine where we explore

I’m diving head first into the podcast ocean to bring the best [un]common health, lifestyle, and sustainable planetary awesomeness to the surface.

[un]common medicine is an entertaining and unapologetically truthful source for discovering the most effective, yet largely unknown, natural solutions for health and living that have a positive impact on people and the planet.

In this launch episode of [un]common medicine, I have the honor of doing my first ever in-person interview with podcast legend Pat Flynn. I actually won the opportunity to do the interview, and it was a truly engaging and fun experience! We talk about some uncommon decisions he has made for his career, and the amazing charity he founded to help bring education to kids in need in Africa.

Learn more about Pat Flynn https://patflynn.com/ and his charity creation Pencils of Promise https://patflynn.com/charity-work/

Click here for a full show transcript.

So why did I start this show, [un]common medicine? Well, my 20+ year integrative medicine career has been built on the unique perspective of being a geeky scientist and elite athlete. This crazy combo has brought me to live and work in the world of celebrity, high-powered executives, musicians, gifted practitioners, and innovative thinkers who are having a positive impact on people and our planet. I intend to continue to challenge convention, and in an entertaining way, bring an inspired light to the largely unknown solutions that I have come to learn about from my adventures. In this podcast, I’ll be talking to my mentors, high profile private clients, game changers, and everyone in between.

I am passionate about searching the globe for the most effective solutions for better health and living that are natural, sustainable and effective – especially those working better than most known mainstream options.

Here on [un]common medicine, I will make it my mission to sift through the noise by looking at true facts, science, and clinical efficacy, and make it easy for people to use viable natural solutions with confidence …and have a little fun, unexpected surprises, and laughter along the way.

~ Dr. Grace

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