S1 EP2 Yana is fashionably masked

S1 EP02 Yana Galbshtein is fashionably masked: behind-the-scene fashion superstar and her creations of effective COVID gear

In this episode, I talk with a long-time good friend of mine, Yana Galbshtein, about what it was like to be a New Yorker during the time of COVID-19 quarantine, and how she is using her amazing skills as an artist to keep people safe and healthy with her fashionable filtration masks.

Yana graduated Fashion School at the top of her class in San Francisco, and won a coveted internship granted by Wilkes Bashford to go to Italy to work at Kiton. She currently lives and works in NYC as a tailor for Bushwood tailors, and has done print work with Out Magazine, and tailored tons of celebrities like Ariana Grande for the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, HER for the VMAS, and Gabrielle Union for the MET Gala.

To connect directly with Yana, find her at http://www.yanatailored.com

Check out our Behind The Scenes bonus: THE McQUEEN STORY We were in our mid twenties, Yana had just received her scholarship, and I sat in the audience supporting her at a table with a really awesome guy …who just so happened to be fashion legend Alexander McQueen.

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